The world's population is growing older. These significant advances can be attributed to improved public health, better nutrition, better healthcare, and, most recently, the use of technology advancements, big data, and artificial intelligence to extend healthy life expectancy and satisfy the demands of an ageing population. An online age calculator can elaborate on the effects of technology in increasing your average age and let you know how old am I, meaning about you and not me, haha….

New technology will aid healthy ageing and longevity by allowing people of all ages to enjoy healthier, more fulfilled lives. For example, technological innovations have been used to keep people physically active, enable independent living by detecting falls, smart home technology, early disease detection and management, social connection maintenance by reducing social isolation, and continued workforce engagement, to name a few. It is necessary to use technology for the reasons that allow you to live a long or healthy life.

Ageing in the digital world comes with its own set of issues that you can analyze about you with the assistance of a free age calculator by

In this post, You will come to know how technology helps in increasing your age.

Let’s have a look!

The Chance to 'Age In Place'

Digital technologies can help you in your elder age to enhance your quality of life by allowing you to age in place while remaining connected to your loved ones. It helps you to create an environment where you can work properly in a happy environment. This kind of atmosphere pleases you and at the same time helps you to increase your years to live on earth. Using an age calculator will explain the effects of a happy environment on your age.

While talking about the relation of technology with your age. It is clear that technological advancement plays an important role in developing an environment that helps you to increase your living years. The connection between technology and your age can be defined with the help of age in months calculator.

Multichannel Health Delivery...Built Around The Individual

Humanising technology to make it easier to age in happiness and excellent health will be the biggest step forward for health and longevity. This will be the result of humans and machines working together. Advanced sensors, health data, and AI algorithms will enable healthcare experts to generate precision diagnoses, individualized therapy, and effective monitoring without the need for a hospital visit. 

The hospital will come to you, and assistance will be available everywhere. Multichannel health delivery will be centered on the individual, giving them more self-awareness and control over the activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to overall healing.

Exercise Your Human Rights Openly

Margaret Hicks, Director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights' Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures, and Right to Development Division (OHCHR)

The benefit of advanced technology is that it improves your health providing you with digital diet plans to fulfill your body's requirements.  It provides an environment where you can act according to your own will without any hesitation. 

You can talk about your rights freely. Robots and monitoring technologies have the potential to prevent elder abuse and mistreatment in care settings while also providing better insight into their health. At the same time, over-dependence on or misuse of technology may result in dehumanizing care practices or the emergence of new forms of segregation and neglect. We must ensure that technologies are conceived and deployed safely, which necessitates older people's active participation in their development.

'Universality of Access' to Care

The most essential takeaway from the COVID-19 epidemic is universal access to health, which requires full citizenship. Technology is not an empty pot. It has its own value in your life. It divides rather than unites groups all too often. You must deliberately seek out individuals who do not profit from technological advancements.

The most crucial instrument is already in your possession. In Brazil, there were 198 million smartphones in use in the past. The most major impact on healthy ageing and longevity will be app design that offers easily accessible and affordable health diagnoses at the primary healthcare level and dramatically advances health status. And the age calculator is no doubt one such online tool that you can run on your smartphone even. 

Use of Data for the Public Good

Digital technology should not burden those who have been most affected by COVID-19. It is true that technology aids you in every way. It helps you to make yourself satisfied in your worst mental conditions. If you are suffering from any mental issue, technology helps you to make important decisions. How these decisions prove worthwhile in your life can be checked with the help of an age calculator.  Even if you are without cognitive impairment, you may be behind the times when it comes to digital technology, such as cell phones.

Japan's experience can be beneficial in this regard. Because Japan is a "super-aging society," vast amounts of data about the elderly are collected. This could assist to alleviate the problem of a scarcity of reliable information about the junction between technology and the elderly.

Creating Opportunities for People to Connect

Strong social ties are essential for physical and mental health, and the effects of prolonged isolation are comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The greatest benefit that technology may have on ageing and longevity is the ability to link people. For example, you can make use of the age calculator to know your age and of any other people so that you may connect with those who are of your age. Also visit for some great directions and ideas. 

Technology acceptance and use have skyrocketed, with 44% of individuals aged 50 and over saying they are more comfortable with technology now than they were before the pandemic. After COVID, the desire to converse digitally isn't going away. You must take that opportunity, create socially connected experiences, and make ubiquitous, high-speed, low-cost internet a reality.


Well, it is proven that technology is not beneficial in your practical life. It has a strong connection with your emotions and mental health. You can check the outcomes of this connection using an age calculator. It provides you with the opportunities that help you to fulfill your daily responsibilities. In this way, indirectly it helps you to enhance your span of life on earth.